Secret Wish is a dynamic duo from Belgium who team up to put together some awesome high energy pop/dance/electro music that would fill the dance floor on any continent. They jam pop and dance music together in order to put a smile on your face get you up and dancing.

Founded in 2009, Secret Wish became a brand in the world of Pop, Dance and Electro music. Kurt as a former DJ used his skills as a singer/songwriter to create his own project. Heidi has been a member to several coverbands. She has an amazing voice that blends perfectly with Dance and Pop music.


One thing about Secret Wish, they are not to try to tell you they are something they are not. Pure saccharine pop this, and yes, it will get your tail twitching for the dancefloor. If you like your pop dancey with a good dash of cheese, you found  your platter!

Secret Wish was signed in 2011 at a German record label and also in China by one of the leading labels.. The track “Flick of a switch” has been released and had international charts rankings such as DDK Charts (USA), Cool Cuts Chart (UK), Polish Dance Charts, Asia Charts.

Secret Wish was “nominated in 2010 “for:

“MMA Awards ” category House, Dance, Trance

“The HDT Award ” category House, Dance, Trance :

  • # 1 Kelly Rowland ft David Guetta – Commander
  • # 2 Secret Wish – Flick Of A Switch
  • # 3 Kelis – Acapella

The release of “Ivory tower” in 2013 meant the breakthrough. Their music has garnered airplay throughout Europe and they have broken out in Japan and China as well.

Official marketing site in Japan

Major and famous remixers were delighted to make remixes such as KATFYR, Michael Fall, Miguel & Chris, Klubjumpers, Marcio Groove, Blazing Funk, DJ Ferre, Phil Giava to name but a few.

These days, Secret Wish has found their partner in a New Zealand based label to expand their story. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, all the earlier work will be re-released  as a start with more to come.