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Secret Wish is a dynamic duo from the heart of Belgium. This powerhouse pair create an irresistable fusion of high-energy beats that transcend barriers, promising to set dance floors ablaze across every corner of the globe. This duo encapsulates the affinity for unadulterated, saccharine Pop, while showcasing their ability to seamlessly blend the worlds of Pop and Dance into a cohesive dancefloor jam.

“We combine Pop and Dance music together to put a smile on your face and get you up and dancing. It’s pure bubblegum dancey stuff!”

It's no secret that Secret Wish knows how to captivate audiences of club-goers with pulsating beats and compelling rhythms. Kurt is a lifelong musician, having chosen to attend a music school as a young boy. At the age of 17, he found his spot in the nightlife scene by becoming a DJ. He began to write his music in 2000, and seven years later, he founded Secret Wish. Heidi, a fellow musician and vocalist, played in several cover bands before joining Secret Wish and bringing Kurt's songwriting to life.

Secret Wish has always aimed to expand its audience across borders and express its music to an international audience. After a slew of international chart topping hits on the DDK Charts, Music Weeks Charts, Cool Cuts Chart and Asian and Polish Dance Charts, Secret Wish have proven time and time again that their music is a dish best served to those who are down to party.

One thing about Secret Wish, they are not to try to tell you they are something they are not. Pure saccharine pop this, and yes, it will get your tail twitching for the dancefloor. If you like your pop dancey with a good dash of cheese, you found your platter.

Secret Wish was “nominated in 2010 “for:
“MMA Awards ” category House, Dance, Trance
“The HDT Award ” category House, Dance, Trance :
#1 Kelly Rowland ft David Guetta – Commander
#2 Secret Wish – Flick Of A Switch
#3 Kelis – Acapella

Their music has garnered airplay throughout Europe and they have broken out in Japan and China as well.
Official marketing site in Japan https://topmusic.jp/product_info.php?products_id=1182

Major and famous remixers were delighted to make remixes such as 7th Heaven, Dim3nsion, KATFYR, DJ Combo, Miguel & Chris, Klubjumpers, Marcio Groove, Uwaukh, DJ Ferre, Raf Thing, Tronix DJ to name but a few.
Boasting a plethora of remixes, the duo caters to a diverse audience, ensuring that it resonates with the majority.

Secret Wish proves themselves with their latest pop-infused electronic gem, “Voodoo Nights.” This dynamic single is an ear-pleaser that weaves its way into the hearts of listeners.

About “Voodoo Nights”

This track features hypnotic vocals by Heidi inspired by Kurt's time as a DJ, the song is meant to encapsulate the majestical and alluring atmosphere of nightlife. Between each beat drop, Heidi paints the picture of the club as a mystical place where magic is real, allowing yourself to surrender and let the music take control of the night. In all the excitement, the song masterfully blends a mix of genres, including EDM and pop. Since its release, Secret Wish has collaborated with several DJs to put together a compilation of remixes of the track.

Go check them out:
Radio edit: https://open.spotify.com/track/1zORTMSuKIqo9D4cIcJHzz?si=393e37b312e844b1

EP Part 1: https://open.spotify.com/album/16R0Q0D4N2H4181zoGixnH?si=87wzs367TkGxuCcvgsu9ww

EP Part 2: https://open.spotify.com/album/0M0cq1WiepZYLJnbOnW6Jn?si=5jIme0afTyiUkS4oAIRReA

Music video: https://youtu.be/J2mgJ24LvEo